About Poppies

At Poppies, tradition meets excellence to offer you an unforgettable taste of British cuisine. Fish and chips are fun, a guilty pleasure and British classic. The tempting aroma of the salt and vinegar draws you in, the crunch of the golden batter and the crisp on the chips is irresistible.

At Poppies we do things properly. Whether it’s sourcing the freshest catch of the day, our traditional methods of preparation or the way we present the food ‘just so’, we follow the course that the Captain of our ship, Pops, set us on back in 1952.

The city is fast and Poppies is the escape. A nostalgic throw back in time with memorabilia, music and good ol’ cockney charm alongside delicious food served with care and love.

For mouth tingling, lip smacking, ketchup dousing, gravy drowning indulgence we are the experts at all things fish and chips.