National Fish & Chip Day 2024

National Fish & Chip Day is an annual celebration dedicated to honouring the iconic British dish of fish and chips. It showcases the unique combination of flaky fish, crispy batter, and fluffy chips that have become a culinary symbol of the United Kingdom. This event not only indulges our taste buds but also recognises the heritage and cultural significance of this beloved meal.   National Fish & Chip Day is traditionally celebrated on the first Friday of June each year. This year, it will be observed on June 6th to coincide with the D-Day 80 celebrations. This carefully chosen date ensures that people across the country can come together and enjoy the quintessentially British meal at their favorite fish and chip shops, restaurants, or even from the comfort of their own kitchens.   To take part in this year’s National Fish & Chip Day you could:
  1. Enjoy a Classic Fish & Chip Meal: Visit your local fish and chip shop or restaurant and treat yourself to a scrumptious portion of fish and chips. Whether you prefer cod, haddock, plaice, or another variety, the crispy batter, perfectly cooked fish, and piping hot chips will undoubtedly leave you satisfied.
  2. Organise a Fish & Chip Feast: Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and organise a fish and chip takeaway feast. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a backyard barbecue, or a casual get-together, the simple joy of sharing a meal of fish and chips is sure to create lasting memories and bring people together.
  3. Support Local Fish & Chip Establishments: Show your support for local fish and chip shops and restaurants by choosing them as your go-to destinations for your fish and chip cravings. Spread the word about your favourite spots and encourage others to support these cherished establishments.
  4. Try Homemade Fish & Chips: If you enjoy cooking, why not try your hand at preparing fish and chips at home? Experiment with different recipes, explore variations in seasoning or accompaniments, and share your culinary creations with friends and family.
  5. Share Your Fish & Chip Experience: Take pictures of your fish and chip meals and share them on social media using the hashtag #FishAndChipDay2024. Describe your experience, recommend your favourite places, and engage in conversations with fellow fish and chip enthusiasts.

Poppies Portobello is OPEN!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the doors of Poppies Portobello are now officially open! Come and find us at 152 Portobello Road in the heart of Notting Hill where we’ll be serving up the finest fish and chips to West London! 
Expect to see all the same cosy and nostalgic ambience that you love about our restaurants in Spitalfields, Camden and Soho. We’ve got lots of lovely design features that tell the story of Poppies and our beloved founder, Pat ‘Pop’ Newland as well as special touches that hark back to the building’s former life as a Bank. 
See if you can spot –
  • An exquisite portrait of Pop, painted by esteemed portrait artist Liam Dickinson who you may know from ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’ where he was a finalist in 2017.
  • British heritage paint, vintage milk glass light shades, a replica bank checkerboard floor, wooden panelling and the Bank’s original vault and money shute.
  • Brass fish-shaped door handles, oars and fishing paraphernalia.
  • Our ‘Ketchup corner’ painted in Lick paint’s limited edition RED HTK 57 Ketchup colour, a unique blend of pigments capturing the perfect shade of ketchup red!
And of course, you can also expect to taste our award-winning fish and chips, crafted with fresh British ingredients and Pop’s cherished batter recipe using time-honoured techniques to prepare and cook the food. The result is crispy, golden batter encasing succulent fish so tender it’ll melt in your mouth with chunky hand-cut chips that are fluffy on the inside and irresistibly crispy on the outside.
What are you waiting for?! Come and join us for a lip smacking, belly filling, classic British meal!

The Hot Cross Butty

No need to rely on the Easter bunny, Poppies has got the ultimate Easter treat for you this year – the Hot Cross Butty. We’ve reimagined the classic chip butty to combine two of our favourite British bites – our triple-cooked chunky chips and a sumptuous, sultana-spiced hot cross bun. When fused together the result is a must for all Brits at this time of year! Priced just £4.95, it’s available for the entire long Easter weekend (Friday 29th March to Monday 1st April) from all three Poppies takeaways – Soho, Spitalfields and Camden.    

Merry Mince Pies

This Christmas, Poppies welcomes the ultimate party pastry to the menu… the mince pie! But, as tradition dictates, it will be given a delicious Poppies makeover with a joyously warm and crispy coat of batter!  In recent years we’ve taken all sorts of classic Christmas foods and given them the Poppies treatment using Pops’ secret batter recipe. From sweet treats like Quality Street and Ferrero Rocher to King of all Christmas veg, the Brussels Sprout.   This year, we’ve gone for Santa’s favourite fireside treat, and we can’t wait for you to try it. Bite through the warm, crispy coat to melt in the mouth all butter shortcrust pastry and a rich filling made of a mixture of vine fruits, cranberries, clementine and mild spices.  The big man in red is desperate to get his hands on one but he’s going to have to wait until Christmas Eve. Anyone else, naughty or nice, will be able to get their hands on one exclusively from Poppies Soho between the 11th and the 25th of December. Each portion of 3 costs £4.75. Don’t delay, come and try this delicious deep-fried dessert before Father Christmas comes to Town!

Poppies All-Stars

The next Poppies ‘Fish n Gigs’ night will take place Friday 1st December from 7.30pm at Poppies Camden. Featuring an all-star line up of West End musicians performing festive tracks and merry-making music. Book a table now and enjoy an incredible night of live music – for free!

Festive Ferrero Rocher

In the spirit of Christmas, it’s become a Poppies tradition, to take something integral to the celebrations and deep fry it. 

We’ve seen battered Quality Street, giant pigs in battered blankets, battered brussels sprouts and finally, the Ambassador’s favourite made its debut at Poppies with the irresistible Battered Ferrero Rocher.  The iconic Ferrero Rocher is made up of the finest roast hazelnuts surrounded by a smooth chocolatey filling, crispy wafers and hazelnut pieces. Last season, Poppies added to the lavish layers of this timeless treat by dunking it into their signature batter and deep frying it to perfection, the latest Christmas guilty pleasure. 

Deep frying these golden delights in our tasty batter delivered everything and more for a decadent Christmas bite – warm chocolate, hazelnuts and a bit of crunch – yum!

Free Meals for Veterans

Poppies is partnering with The Official Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club this November to offer free fish and chips to members of its social clubs each day w/c 6th November between 11am and 12pm. For that hour, each of the Poppies’ three restaurants will offer veterans of all ages and members of the Armed Forces the chance to get together face to face, talk, reminisce and enjoy a great meal together with brilliant banter – and batter! In addition, throughout the month of November, Poppies will be increasing their standard 15% discount for military personnel past and present to 50% in honour of all those that serve and have served our country. Poppies is proud to support local communities and champion British values. This collaboration is our salute to the unwavering dedication and service of our veterans. Dereck Hardman, Founder of The Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs said, “Feeling isolated is a major factor in contributing to poor mental health and suicide amongst Armed Forces Veterans. Our clubs seek to end that social isolation bringing veterans and members of the Armed Forces together to forge friendships and seek support as needed. We are delighted Poppies is providing a warm, welcoming space and delicious meal for our members and hope that any others in need who perhaps haven’t reached out yet, will find their nearest club via our website – – and join us.” Did you know – Fish and chips are part of British wartime history – the only food never rationed to maintain morale and bring comfort in a time of crisis. It was also a method of identifying allies on the front line – if you shouted ‘fish’ and the reply was ‘chips’ you knew you were amongst friends. Terms & Conditions
  • The free meals are available for Veterans and members of the Armed Forces dining in any one of Poppies 3 restaurants, w/c 6th November only, between 11am and 12pm.
  • All places must be pre-booked via the Poppies website. Groups of Veterans can book a table together or if you book a table for 1, you will be grouped with others.
  • The offer is for the individual only, not to friends and family. Please bring sufficient identification to demonstrate you are a Veteran or member of the British Armed Forces otherwise you will be charged full price for your meal.
  • The offer is valid for dine-in or takeaway meals in November 2023. To secure the 50% discount, please bring identification to demonstrate you are a Veteran or Serving Member of the Armed Forces to redeem half price the cost of your individual meal. If insufficient identification is provided unfortunately, you will be charged full price.

Heinz Halloween

To all ghosts, ghouls, witches and werewolves – Heinz cast a spell over Poppies this Halloween with a spooktacular sauce to accompany your favourite fish and chips.

To celebrate the launch of the Heinz limited edition [Scarily] Good Black Garlic Mayo, Poppies and Heinz partnered to create deliciously devilish dishes, guaranteed to ward off any vicious vamps whilst satisfying all hungry monsters.

Added to the menu for a limited time were:

  • Ghostly Cod Bites and Chips, £9.75 – 5 pieces of fresh, tender cod fillet battered in Poppies secret recipe.

  • Sausage Severed ‘Fingers’ and Chips, £8.90 – the classic combination of a large, plain sausage and chips.

  • Or you can treat yourself to a side of freshly cooked Chips, £3.50, with lashings of Heinz sauces for dipping.

Poppies Portobello

The Poppies team is proud to announce a new restaurant will open soon on the vibrant and iconic Portobello Road! We’re planning the same cosy, nostalgic atmosphere Poppies is famous for with a nod to the site’s former occupants – wood panelling from its term as a bank and signage from when it was George Portwine’s butcher shop – plus additional retro touches and tributes to our wonderful founder, the late Pat ‘Pop’ Newland who remains very much in the hearts and minds of everyone at Poppies. Pop’s son, Danny Newland, said, “We couldn’t leave West Londoners without decent Poppies fish and chips any longer, they deserve to taste the best! “Poppies, like Portobello Road, is dedicated to preserving London’s rich traditions and history which makes it the perfect fit. We’re committed to serving up the tastiest and freshest fish and chips in town so whether trying it for the first time, or indulging in a regular Friday tradition, customers will get a top-notch, lip-smacking, belly-filling, classic British meal.” Follow @popsfishnchips on instagram for updates on the building process and a countdown to the opening.

Fish N Kicks

Poppies set the London sneaker scene on fire by teaming up with the hotshot OG Kicks to celebrate the opening of their flagship London store in the vibrant streets of Soho.

Originally from the breezy shores of Brighton, they flipped the script, bringing the best of the seaside right into the heart of the bustling city. We created a playful nod to their delectable fish dishes and the freshest sneaker drops in town. They shot an ad at the iconic Poppies Soho takeaway joint, blending the sizzle of street fashion with the aroma of their famous fish specialties.

That wasn’t all, they had a weekend pop-up extravaganza that had the town talking. Every savvy customer who ordered the much-hyped ‘OG Special’ from the takeaway snagged a golden ticket, unlocking exclusive surprises. From t-shirts and discounts to the hottest kicks in the game, the prizes had the crowd buzzing.