Festive Ferrero Rocher

In the spirit of Christmas, it’s become a Poppies tradition, to take something integral to the celebrations and deep fry it. 

We’ve seen battered Quality Street, giant pigs in battered blankets, battered brussels sprouts and finally, the Ambassador’s favourite made its debut at Poppies with the irresistible Battered Ferrero Rocher.  The iconic Ferrero Rocher is made up of the finest roast hazelnuts surrounded by a smooth chocolatey filling, crispy wafers and hazelnut pieces. Last season, Poppies added to the lavish layers of this timeless treat by dunking it into their signature batter and deep frying it to perfection, the latest Christmas guilty pleasure. 

Deep frying these golden delights in our tasty batter delivered everything and more for a decadent Christmas bite – warm chocolate, hazelnuts and a bit of crunch – yum!