Free Meals for Veterans

Poppies is partnering with The Official Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club this November to offer free fish and chips to members of its social clubs each day w/c 6th November between 11am and 12pm. For that hour, each of the Poppies’ three restaurants will offer veterans of all ages and members of the Armed Forces the chance to get together face to face, talk, reminisce and enjoy a great meal together with brilliant banter – and batter! In addition, throughout the month of November, Poppies will be increasing their standard 15% discount for military personnel past and present to 50% in honour of all those that serve and have served our country. Poppies is proud to support local communities and champion British values. This collaboration is our salute to the unwavering dedication and service of our veterans. Dereck Hardman, Founder of The Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs said, “Feeling isolated is a major factor in contributing to poor mental health and suicide amongst Armed Forces Veterans. Our clubs seek to end that social isolation bringing veterans and members of the Armed Forces together to forge friendships and seek support as needed. We are delighted Poppies is providing a warm, welcoming space and delicious meal for our members and hope that any others in need who perhaps haven’t reached out yet, will find their nearest club via our website – – and join us.” Did you know – Fish and chips are part of British wartime history – the only food never rationed to maintain morale and bring comfort in a time of crisis. It was also a method of identifying allies on the front line – if you shouted ‘fish’ and the reply was ‘chips’ you knew you were amongst friends. Terms & Conditions
  • The free meals are available for Veterans and members of the Armed Forces dining in any one of Poppies 3 restaurants, w/c 6th November only, between 11am and 12pm.
  • All places must be pre-booked via the Poppies website. Groups of Veterans can book a table together or if you book a table for 1, you will be grouped with others.
  • The offer is for the individual only, not to friends and family. Please bring sufficient identification to demonstrate you are a Veteran or member of the British Armed Forces otherwise you will be charged full price for your meal.
  • The offer is valid for dine-in or takeaway meals in November 2023. To secure the 50% discount, please bring identification to demonstrate you are a Veteran or Serving Member of the Armed Forces to redeem half price the cost of your individual meal. If insufficient identification is provided unfortunately, you will be charged full price.